Vake hotels

After 1905 Russian Revolution, the new government fought against old bourgeois lifestyle. Therefore, they refused to live in an old fashioned Sololaki mansions. Instead, the new government decided to build the new neighborhood in suburbs. Thus, Vake became a district, where the Georgian riches, elite, politicians, and scientists lived. However, it has changed over time, but it still remains to be a fancy neighborhood, with posh cafés and bars, shops, and high-priced housing.

Located around Chavchavadze and Abashidze avenues, this is Tbilisi's one of fancy districts. While not quite as atmospheric as Old Tbilisi, Vake is home to some lovely parks, pleasant nineteenth-century architecture, and some of the city's most high-end shopping. There are also plenty of upscale bars and restaurants in this area. Also, there is Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University campus. The university is founded by Ivane Javakhishvili in 1918 and is one of the historical buildings in Tbilisi.

However, just like Saburtalo, the area doesn’t have any cultural or historical sights for visitors to explore. Still, there are places in Vake, that are worth visiting. There is a children's park Mziuri and large Vake Park. From nearby, you can take an aerial cable car to the Turtle Lake, where you can find nice lounge areas to soak up the sun. From there, visitors can walk down the mountain and on the way explore an open air Museum of Ethnography. It is a lovely place, with an authentic Georgian architecture and craftwork, from various regions of the country.

Vake does not have a subway. In terms of connectivity to the rest of the city, it’s quite close to Rustaveli Avenue. In order to better explore the neighborhood, you can take a nice, long walk towards the city center.