Saburtalo hotels

Saburtalo is a large district in Tbilisi, but it has no historical or cultural sights. It’s a typical residential area, with lots of stores, universities, and decent amount of restaurants. Also, there are plenty of children's centers, where kids have fun, play and eat. The district has a subway line – Saburtalo.

Pekini, Kostava and Vazha Pshavela Streets are the main streets of the district. Therefore, they are the busiest streets in terms of traffic. There is a Sport Hall in Saburtalo, where besides sport events large concerts are held as well.

There are several parks in the area. One of the favorite spot for locals – Lisi Lake, is located in Saburtalo. Besides cooling down in hot summer days, visitors can stroll around the lake or lounge in the shade. There are plenty of children's playgrounds,as well as bars and cafes for adults.

The district is famous for the unusual building of Bank of Georgia headquarters.