Mtatsminda hotels

Hotel orbeliani
Hotel orbeliani Mini hotel
29 Vakhtang Orbeliani Street, Mtatsminda , 0190 Tbilisi City, Georgia
Biblioteka Hotel
Biblioteka Hotel Mini hotel
Mikheil Javakhishvili street 8., Mtatsminda , 0108 Tbilisi City, Georgia
Stay Boutique Hotel
Stay Boutique Hotel Mini hotel
26 Dzmebi Kakabadzeebi Street, Mtatsminda , Tbilisi City, Georgia
Hotel Beaumonde
Hotel Beaumonde Mini hotel
Al Chavchavadze Street 11, Mtatsminda , 0108 Tbilisi City, Georgia
Hotel Opera
Hotel Opera Mini hotel
Rustaveli Street 23/4, Mtatsminda , 0101 Tbilisi City, Georgia
Kipiani Guest house
Kipiani Guest house Mini hotel
Kipiani street 10, Mtatsminda , 0108 Tbilisi City, Georgia
Hotel Bon Voyage
Hotel Bon Voyage Mini hotel
38 Shota Rustaveli Avenue, Mtatsminda , 0108 Tbilisi City, Georgia
Hotel Griboedov
Hotel Griboedov Mini hotel
6 griboedov street, Mtatsminda , 0108 Tbilisi City, Georgia
Hotel White Neptun
Hotel White Neptun Mini hotel
Vaso Abashidze st. 4 (Rustavelli Ave 23/4), Mtatsminda , 0108 Tbilisi City, Georgia
TIFLIS OPERA Aparthotel Guesthouse
24 Rustaveli Av., Mtatsminda , 0108 Tbilisi City, Georgia
Teatron Mini hotel
Revaz Tabukashvili Street 28/13, Mtatsminda , 0105 Tbilisi City, Georgia
Hotel Rustaveli 36
Hotel Rustaveli 36 Mini hotel
36 Rustaveli Avenue, Mtatsminda , 1030 Tbilisi City, Georgia
Rustaveli Palace
Rustaveli Palace Mini hotel
Ekaterine Gabashvili Street 10, near Rustaveli Square, Mtatsminda , 0108 Tbilisi City, Georgia
Hotel Adamo
Hotel Adamo Hotel
4 P. Kakabadze Str., Mtatsminda , 0105 Tbilisi City, Georgia

Mtatsminda is the heart of Tbilisi. Named after the Mtatsminda mountain, the neighborhood is located on its hills. Mtatsminda district is the downtown of Tbilisi. There is the parliament of Georgia, along with other administrative buildings. The district is the home to variety of museums and movie theaters. There are few churches, which besides being the religious temples, also are treasures of art and architecture.

The district is home to a famous theaters: the Rustaveli Theater, the Griboedov Theater, Free Theater, as well as Opera and Ballet Theater are located in Mtatsminda district. Mtatsminda is the area of high-profile, exquisite hotels, like Marriott Hotel, Radisson Blu Iveria and Astora.

Mtatsminda is hard to imagine, without Mama Daviti Church, The Mtatsminda Pantheon of Writers and Public Figures and funicular. Named after a priest St. Davit Gareji, the 6th century church is built on the grounds of a small cave, where the Saint used to live. There is also a mountain spring, which is thought to have a miraculous healing power. On the same land, there is the Pantheon of Writers and Public Figures. As the name suggests, it is a resting place for famous Georgians (and not only Georgians).  The grave of the first president of Georgia Zviad Gamsakhurdia is there, as well as Russian poet Alexander Griboyedov’s grave. Besides religious and sentimental value, this place provides an unforgettable view of the city. But, if you want more breathtaking views, you must take a funicular to the Mtatsminda Park on top of the mountain. As the carts elevate on the slopes, picturesque view opens up.

On the territory of the district there are many monuments of history and architecture. There is the building of the Museum of Art, which used to be a theological seminary, where Stalin studied. Every street and every building in Mtatsminda has its own story, and even locals may not know them all. The Mtatsminda district is an endless interweaving of lanes, hills, narrow cobblestone streets, short dead ends and unexpected turns. Take time to walk in these streets and don't worry about getting lost.