Isani hotels

Isani is one of the neighborhoods of Tbilisi, built up mainly in the Stalin era. There are no guided tours here, there are no famous hotels and restaurants. This is almost a sleeping area - here it makes sense to rent budget accommodation.

Modern Isani is not a famous place and it is bounded in the west by Telavi Street, in the south by a river, in the north by a railway line, and its eastern border is generally not clear where. In the area there are two subway stations: Isani and 300 Aragveli.

In the area, there are only a few useful and interesting objects: Aramyants Hospital and Wedding Palace. Also, in Isani Avlabari Printing House is located. It used to be wildly popular Stalin Museum, but now Georgian Communist Party is occupying the building.

Near the subway station "Isani" there is a small bus station, from where minibuses go to Kakheti. It partly duplicates the routes of Samgori bus station.