Didube hotels

Located at left bank of Mtkvari, Didube used to be a village; like many other districts of Tbilisi. In the Middle Ages, there was a settlement, along with the King's Palace and a Church. There used to be a hippodrome, which is long gone, but there is an old beautiful building of Stable, still standing on Tsereteli avenue. On the site of the 17th century Virgin Mary Church, the new Didube Church was built in 1844.

Today, the district is mostly home to a lot of refurbishment and home improvement stores and mega malls. However, there are a few noteworthy places in Didube.

ExpoGeorgia: the only convention center in Georgia. in 1958, the government built a temporary exhibition pavilions and organized industrial exhibition, in order to celebrate 1500 years anniversary of Tbilisi. As a result, 11 pavilions, green house, pools and park were placed in the city center. After collapse of the Soviet Union, the organization was privatized and transformed into a joint stock company. Today, the company hosts various exhibitions and organizes trade fairs, conferences, congresses and events.

Dinamo Arena is the main and largest soccer field in Georgia. The field is home to Dinamo Tbilisi soccer club. The original structure, known as the central stadium, was built in 1932-1935.

The highest attendance; 110,000 people, was recorded in 1979. That was a day, when "Dinamo" defeated "Liverpool" (3: 0).

Obviously, it has been renovated since then for a few times. According to UEFA’s new requirements, fields  capacity has been reduced to 55,000 seats.

The Mushtadi Park has an interesting story behind it. After the end of the Russo-Persian War in 1821-1828, one of the prominent religious figures of the Persian; Mushtaidi Makhtir-Fataki, who participated in the anti-Shah conspiracy, was forced to flee from his homeland. The Russian government gave him land in Tbilisi, near the Mtkvari River in Didube. Mushtaidi planted a garden there. In late 1845, Mushdaidi was pardoned by Shah and returned to Persia. In 1855, the garden was acquired by government for The Caucasian Sericulture Station. In the 1880s, the silk plant and The State Silk Museum was built near the garden and it is the oldest museum in Georgia. Luckily, both: Mushtaidi Park and The State Silk Museum are still serving their purpose today.